Fragmented Identities.

Proteus - Fragmented Identities is an multidisciplinary collaboration, involving visual communication, performative arts and fashion. It is an exploration of the fragmentation and reconstruction of identity in the modern age, and its effects on the relationships between individuals.


Identity is a fundamental theme for our generation in an age of uncertainty and continuous change, in which wide access to information and exposure to the changing global landscape through instruments such as the Internet and a boom of social media (Facebook, Twitter,...) have started new discussions into the definition and possibilities of the subject. Various aspects of what defines our identity have been put in the spotlight, highlighting their fluid and performative nature. They have been explored not only in the studies of various branches of science, but also through various visual and artistic expressions.

A collaboration with Clara Giaminardi

and Georgio Oniani 


Performed by Bun Kobayashi and Emma Farnell-Watsom. 

Fragmented Identities
Fragmented Identities
Fragmented Identities
Fragmented Identities
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