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A Shield of Dreams.

Open the page and let the journey begin... 
Through wizards smiling, knights fighting, windmills dancing like giants, mountains walking and shields made of dreams. 

A different approach to Miguel's de Cervantes novel "Don Quixote" through music, dance and narration, which focuses on the significance of imagination. 
A performance for young and older audiences touring in open spaces, theatres and schools.

Choreography/ Concept: Eleni Papaioannou
Music Design: Panos Chountoulidis
Costume Design: Melissanthi Spei
Set Design: Dimitris Konstadaras

Narration: Labros Papageorgiou
Performance and creative input :
Emi Amerikanou, Eriketi Andreadaki, Michalis Saganis, Tasos Nikas.  

funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

Photos by Xenia Tsilochristou , Eleni Papaioannou

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