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We believe that art is for everyone and it should exist everywhere

Not just in theatres, galleries and museums.  

So, our aim is to create art that engage with people in the streets, in public and unexpected places. 


 ART is not only to entertain. 

Art is to provoke, 

to move,

to make people reACT.

Our manifesto... 

o   Do not make art for art’s sake.

o   Do  not make art subordinate  to money.

o   Don’t make art for anyone else’s consumption.Art is not to be consumed.

o   Do not make art that earns . Make art that offers.

o   Don’t make art for money. They will not give any more value to it.

o   Create art do not produce it.

o   Don’t follow the mass. You’re not a sheep. You’re an ARTIST.

o   Don’t make art for an audience. Make art for people.

o   Make art for everyone. EVERYWHERE.

o   Make art cheap for the pockets not for the brains.

o   Don’t think your art as part of the market. Think your art as part of the world.



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